Launch Tomorrow: SAVE $15.95 – 3 FREE KINDLES 11/6


Great selections today and you can save $15.95 if you hurry and get them before the free offers are suspended.

Happy reading this weekend!

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3 Easy Steps to Get Free eBooks:

1. Click on the link.

2. Check to see that the price of the ebook is still $00.00.

3. If the ebook is still free, click on “Buy Now”  not “Kindle Unlimited” and you won’t be charged. Kindle Unlimited is a paid subscription service offered by


1. JUST PUBLISHED: Positive Thinking is Not Enough: The No B.S. Gude to Changing Your Beliefs Using the Law of Attraction by Chris Tomasso [5 Stars, 1 Review] (SAVE $2.99)

2. Launch Tomorrow by Luke Szyrmer (SAVE $9.97)

3. 30 Healthy Dinner Recipes for Rapid Weight Loss by Nicole Taylor [4 Stars, 24 Reviews] (SAVE $2.99)

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