Positivity Attracts What You Want: 3 FREE Kindles 11/23


You’ve probably heard the saying, “You can catch more flies with sugar than vinegar.” This may be a bit old-fashioned, but the concept proves true. Today, we call it positive thinking.

Positivity Attracts: Ten Ways to Improve Your Positive Thinking by Paul G. Brodie is free right now. If you get it in time, you will save $9.99!


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3 Easy Steps to Get Free eBooks Today:

1. Click on the link.

2. Check to see that the price of the ebook is still $00.00.

3. If the ebook is still free, click on “Buy Now”  not “Kindle Unlimited” and you won’t be charged. Kindle Unlimited is a paid subscription service offered by Amazon.com.



1. Positivity Attracts: Ten Ways to Improve Your Positive Thinking by Paul G. Brodie [4.5 Stars, 20 Reviews] (SAVE $9.99)

2. Meditation: How to Find Your Inner Peace and Happiness by Britney Brinson [5 Stars, 4 Reviews] (SAVE $4.99)

3. JUST PUBLISHED: Steve Jobs: 16 Lessons from Steve Jobs that Will Change Your Life by Walter Smith [4.5 Stars, 2 Reviews] (SAVE $2.99)

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