Your Book: 5 Free eBook Selections 8/8


Writing a book give you credibility that few other things can give you.

Your Book: The Ultimate Business Card by Mark Leonard is just published and free right now. You will save $9.99.

Tomorrow is my day off this week. Check back on Sunday for a new list.

Have a great weekend!

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1. Creativity: Outrageously Effective Tips and Secrets to Unleash Your Creativity, Innovation and Visualization by Robert S. Scott [SAVE 99¢] (4.5 Stars, 3 Reviews)

2. JUST PUBLISHED: Your Book: The Ultimate Business Card by Mark Leonard [SAVE $9.99] (5 Stars, 4 Reviews)

3. JUST PUBLISHED: Stop Your Paycheck Addiction: Start Your Own Home-Based Business by Eric Deeter [SAVE $14.95] (5 Stars, 4 Reviews)

4. JUST PUBLISHED: Dutch Oven Cookbook: Easy Recipes about the Art of Slow Cooking by Philip Smith [SAVE $11.99] (4.5 Stars, 11 Reviews)

5. Advice of Counsel by Debra Trueman [SAVE $17.99] (4.5 Stars, 87 Reviews)


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